Monday, August 4, 2008

photography's stupider side.

aside from the lame photos of flowers and sunsets I take I would much rather photojournalize. From now on I'm going to post my best photos. If I get in trouble well damn I'll tell you and take them down.

Any who the point is, on the stupider side of photography there's the artsy nude photos seen here. Kinda cool in that they're naked. I understand photo art. looks cool and all (not the nudes, but photo art.) But I don't know. I realize that all my photos are not photo journalism but whatever. Maybe I'll take up photographing woman nude... just kidding Kaitlyn! I love you :)

Here is a lame sports photo I took. It's Crystal Webber of the Lincoln County Regulators narrowly catching Shane Czwil out in a forced play. The Regulators eventually won 20-7 win the "A" league slow pitch finals. They donated they're 200 buckeroos to the Athabasca Food Bank.
My team lost. We may or may not have been the worst team. Ever.

*Caveat, I'm not a big fan of sports journalism, I was covering for my work mate. Just thought it was cool.

I'll post photos that I think are cool but don't expect them to have any relevance outside of Athabsaca.

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