Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gay Marriage

To the few, if any that read this and the none in california that ever will

please let gay people get married. They're cool and it doesn't matter to most of us anyway. and frankly, marriage is kind of a cooky idea anyway, so what difference does it make?

I will refute many arguments that people might make. I'm sorry if this offends you but c'mon.

1. It's not natural.
There's no real definition of what is, and what is not natural. The very fact that something that lives on this planet and was created by the natural processes of life (i.e. two individual human beings) means that they are natural. Anything that they do or eat, or move is natural, because they are natural beings created from organic chemicals and complex biological funtions. Nothing they do can be unnatural. Now, when gay robots start getting married, we can say it's unnatural.

Equally as unnatrual would be the consumption of any type of pharmecutical, the elimination of viruses (which are technically and deserving of life by some standards), and other things of that nature which are much more unnatural in then gay marriage.

2. marriage is a time-honoured institution.

I've been reading lately, irrespective of this whole gay marriage thing, that marriage is, in fact not nearly as old as any one wants us to believe.

The common idea of the judeo-christian/whatever religion pronounces one man and wife is not that new. Even if it was 4000 years old like the average religion, it's still not nearly as old as humanity in general. Surely, homosexuality wouldn't just come out of nowhere, especially since even in the bible homosexuality is mentioned, and therefore it existed during and prior to.

3. It's against God's will.

Anyone who checks out gets the picture: the belief that god is against it.

The easiest thing to say is: if everyone is created in god's image, then surely god must, on occasion, be a little gay.

Other things against God's will: wearing two types of fabric in your clothes (ie a polyester coton blend) eating pigs, working on sunday. both punishable by hell.

Further, who could even guess what an omniscient being that runs all of the universe of which the earth is one infintesimal speck, would even care at all about some random living creatures on some random rock floating in space. I tell ya, I'm not qualified to speak for anyone else, I sure as hell wouldn't pretend to speak for a god.!

I mean that's sort of what most people say. My ideas are by no means expansive or really that convincing but really, how can people argue it?

It's like what century is this. I'm sure when women wanted to vote or just be generally recognized as slaves there were plenty of religious type saying something along the lines of "A women's place is in the home as her husband's servant" followed by a random quote from the bible.

Same thing with african-americans, and so on along every front of discrimination that's ever been fought upon.

basically I say let gay people get married because they're people. that's really all there is too it. people get all the rights they want. I would say it's ok for churches to deny marriage because they're cooky instituions anyway, but really, legally, as if it matters.

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