Thursday, October 2, 2008

aurora borealis

Last night, while jeff (can't write capital 'j's on jeff's computer) Danielle and I were driving around town listening to tunes, I looked out the window and noticed the northern lights. People in the northern parts of Canada have probably seen ones much more vivid and in different colours, but anyone from a southern place, i.e. Toronto can appreciate the lights. It was awesome. I was yelling: "we have to go to my house and get my camera and tripod!"

Keep in mind this was at about 3:30 n the morning, so it was already a tired moment. Actually, when we were done it was 3:33, because we had a coversation about it being good luck.

Anyway, it was awesome. The photo I'm posting is a merged image (hence the white spot) and also it was a time lapsed exposure since it was so dark. While in the photo it looks like a streak of green light, in actuality it's a pulsating, waving type of thing (once again, for the southerners)


Nick said...

it looks like a UFO

Angel said...

Hi, I want to see it too, and i always go around and wait for the northern lights, where did you see it in Toronto??

KMcQueen said...

This pic is awesome. Can you explain in English how you did the pic?