Monday, October 13, 2008

what a way to spend a day

when god gives you lemons in the form of lame exs i say JUMP OUT OF A PLANE! heck ya

It started off on the ride after a night of heavy drinking. Here we see Jeff oh so sweet. If I were his mom I'd want this picture. Side note: the detail in the pic is actually very nice. Anyway yeah he passed out. I would have but i was co pilot.

While we were waiting jeff was gettin a little action from a pooche whose name jeff never asked for. That's right people. he's that mean.

Here you see me proving how comfortable I am with my sexuality. Not only do I rock a pink helmet, but I'm totally cool with a rainbow being prominently displayed. Why? because it's function over fashion baby.

This is the good ol' crotch tightenin part. For girls it's not so bad. For guys, (and for me it was a girl saying this, while she was on he knees tightening the straps high five!) they say: "May sure you're all away from those straps before I tighten them." and you listen. I said to the nice lady: "That's very considerate of you."

Here is the amazing sky diving crew. Danielle and I popped out skydiving cherries a few weeks ago but you can tell by Jeff's face that while his body has developed and is giving him confusing signals he may not yet be ready to act on them.

And, like many a too-young virginity loser, Jeff can barely stand, barely think. His head hurts, his stomach hurts. He knows if felt good but it was over way too fast and it will be days before he comes to terms that, yes that JUST happened and proceed to high fivin' buddies.

Notice the plane in the background. Alrighty on its next romance as if to say: "If you want more you're going to have to call me." The first time is always awkward but get better with practise. At least I can pretend to have that wisdom now...

Of course, there are no pictures of the actual jump. You can pay for a photographer to go with you but then we wouldn't have enough room in the plane for us all to go at the same time.

This is mindy the skydiving dog. She will kick your ass. I think. Maybe not. Main point is that until you go sky diving, a dog is braver than you. And even more than that I think she's gone like 60 times. so... good like catching up to a canine.


Amanda said...

For a journalist, your grammar/spelling is quite poor.

That dog DOES kick my ass.

Nick said...