Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today I was backing up photos I've taken. Since coming to Alberta, it would appear that I've taken at least 13,204 photos. Probably... less than 300 have been published. Most of them are kind of stupid random photos and only like... less than 50 are on this website. Isn't that crazy?

Anyway here's a photo I took a while and saw while doing the back-up.-->

On backing up:
It's obviously important to back-up files. I'd recommend having them in at least two physical places (ie an external harddrive and a CD) before you delete them off your memory card because unfortunately, you'll never get them back and in today's world, you'll probably never look at them anyway, since you won't go through the effort of processing the photos.

Backing my photos in going to take 53 minutes. Crazy once again, but then I'll have them forever.

As for my trip, I've managed to save a (whopping) $50. Incredible. Truthfully, the way it worked was that my girlfriend spotted me the money to pay of my credit card and now I'm just paying off her and saving on the interest. It's worked so far. Coupled with my iPhone budget application, I've been managing to live of LESS than $400 a month. I get paid roughly $2000/month and my bills come out to... roughly $1000. that's $600 a month for savings!

Plus I did my own taxes (with the gf's help) and got $2100 back! that's incredible. Plus when I move out I'll have the security deposit back and a deposit for my gas bill back too. That means I'm now jumping into the positives for my savings. Sweeeeet.

I'm probably going to buy a back-pack soon for my trip to keep me motivated, so I'll post some picks of that when I get it.

Anyway... I doubt anyone actually cares about this so... enjoy the pic.

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