Sunday, March 22, 2009

Investigating the possibilities

Here's a pretty picture I took:


I've been looking into what to buy for my journey. There are many things one has to consider.

In particular, my girlfriend and I have been looking at backpacks at various stores. So far, actually we've only been to one store to look at bags and have otherwise been looking on the internet.

We've sort of agreed on ASOLO 80L backpacks, which sell for about $250, and are about as big as a bag can get. It's beast. But, it's also the most comfortable that we found and just has all types of stuff.

However, we're still looking at other brans (though Asolo is cheaper) and waiting to find an appropriate size. I've read that 60L bag is almost all you need, but who knows, I plan on being gone for a while.

Other than that, I guess for anyone who reads this is that Neil's getting married!!!! I guess no one reads this so... we can talk on facebook.

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