Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sadly, my last post dealt with summer, but then two days ago it snowed like a beast:

It was a random foot of snowfall in the middle of May. That kind of thing is hard on the spirits, but you may be happy to know that within two days the snow was all gone again!

But you'd probably less happy to know that during the crazy snowstorm there were probably dozens, if not hundreds of little tiny birds that were killed.

What happened was they were sitting on the side of the road and then flying into cars that passed. Kinda sad. I talked to a Fish and Wildlife Officer about it. He told me that because of the snow, the cute little birds had nowhere to sit that was dry so they sat on the road. How ironic.

This is what the little birds looked like. I was walking back to my office and I almost stepped on him. He didn't do anything, so i nudged him. Still nothing. So I took a picture of him.

I was late for something so I nudged him to the side of the sidewalk so as to not get trampled. About ten minutes later he was gone. I assume he was eaten because the crows here try to eat other animals. I thought I posted a picture but I didn't. It was a crow chasing a mouse that I saw. I was amazed.

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