Monday, July 11, 2011

Storytelling DOP

DSC_2251 by Andrew de Souza
DSC_2251, a photo by Andrew de Souza on Flickr.

I just came back from Banff and I've got a few decent photos I'd like to share.

But first I'll say that I absolutely love my friends. We drove from around the country to meet up in Banff before all going on our separate ways again. (Except for the one that lives there).

You can't beat the feeling that comes from knowing there are certain people who you will share your life with.

Anyway, back to photography.

It's funny because I take hundreds and then in the end only like a few, but I guess that's how it goes.

So I met up with a few friends and we trekked around Banff National Park. At one point we went to Moraine Lake and did a secondary trek to Consolation Lake.

At one point, we were at this picture's vantage point and I snapped this photo.

What I wanted to do was use the "story telling aperture," that is f/22.

What it does is give an huge depth of field, where almost everything is in focus. Click on the picture and look at what I mean.

Plus, this was taken with a wide angle, down near the rocks, so you can really see the detail.

As well, the wide angle has nice contrast, so the image just looks good.

I really only started doing this when I went to Banff because I've never really had any opportunity to put everything in focus, because often, isolating the subject works better.

But sometimes, it just works. My thought is that if I printed this huge, one could stare at the detail.

Anyway, I'll post a few more over the next few days.


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