Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool Pictures

I've decided I'll post various cool pictures on my blog so they don't get lost in the aether of digital photography. I've taken probably 5000 digital photos at least since when ever i started doing so, so here it goes. I'll label them as photos so you can just look at them later.

This one I took while in Jasper on a garden tour with my girlfriend who was covering it for the Jasper newspaper the Fitzhugh.

I pretended to be somehow affiliated with them and just floated around taking pictures.

This flower... I believe a white peony was my favourite picture with the tone and what not. I couldn't get the background all cool, as in i was trying to get that white triangle to line up perfectly but whatever.

This photo is just some trees near the Alice B. Donahue Library in Athabasca.

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