Monday, July 21, 2008

out of boredom comes...

Hello to anyone who cares...

I've decided to start my blog again. Nothing in particular. Post pictures, links that sort of thing. Remind people why I kick ass.

Enough with the intros, let's have at 'er.

I recently purchased a used Nikon D200 with an 18-200mm lens from a dude in Edmonton who words for McBain Camera. It was a pretty sweet deal I think seeing as it cost only a little bit more than a new D200 to get a lens that goes for like $700. I also got the battery grip so I can look all professional.

I work at the Athabasca Advocate, and I'm not sure what the etiquette is for posting photos that are published so in the meantime, just go to the site and click on photogalleries or whatever and look for photos by me. Note: it may say my name is Adrew de Souza.

Anyway, I got the camera, so I'll show you some pictures.

Well just one picture, namely this one. There's more at the bottom.

It looks cool eh? Of course it does! But that being said DO NOT go out and spend a shit tonne on a camera just because you think it'll give you better photos. It won't!

How do I know this? Check out my new heroes Ken Rockwell's website. And in particular this article about how megapixels, or your camera in general doesn't matter.

That being said I of course just spent $1400 bucks on camera equipment, more than I've ever spent on anything and possible more than I've ever had in my life prior to this job.

But it's really more about timing and technique not camera equipment. A bunch of my friends are amatuers and occaisionally take awesome photos like this one, which is one of my favourite pictures ever, featuring yours truly. I think it was taken with a D70, and some sort of 24-150 ish mm camera. It's all good, you probably could have taken just as good a photo with a D40 like my girlfriend does like this one. (I can't find one yet when I do I'll post it.)

Whatever though just read Ken's site for more info, I'm not really an expert.

I would just say go out and take pictures. Contrary to what I previously believed, leave it on AUTO. isn't that weird I used to be all about the manual thinking I was good but hey, Ken, once again changed my thinking.

Generally I'll be putting personal photos up, not ones that go in the paper as my job.

Here's a few more.

Many are taken with my Olympus E-510 with the lens it came with... a 14-42mm. And they turned out fine I'd say. Can you tell the difference cuz I can't.

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Amanda said...

Hello...long time reader first time poster. I really enjoy your pics.
Good buy on the camera!