Monday, July 28, 2008

More pics and descrips

Here is a tree I saw outside the Nancy Appleby Theatre in Athabasca. Not much too it, the "v" just looks cool.

This is a pole and some wires. The blue is relly intense and the perspective is cool... sorta anyway.

These are some fire trucks I saw at the Grassland Homecoming (be warned with that link LOUD voice over) party last weekend.
You can see the story in the Advocate here, and pics here (I'll update when they go up)

Who's this duesch bag you ask? why he's none other than my co-worker Jeff D'Andrea. And he's not a duesch he's an ok guy lol.
He enjoys beer, sports, and females. Feel free to face creep him.
This is him at theGrassland Homecoming when we were enjoying a beer.

This is some cool sky. not much too it. I was too lazy to fix the off angle.

This is a cool sunflower outside Jeff's house.

Isn't photography fun?

I really don't expect anyone to ever look at his but if you do, you can buy them! I'll print on and mail it to you in a frame... somehow.

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