Sunday, June 21, 2009

Damn you peter pan! - i mean clouds!

I was supposed to go sky diving today. It was supposed to start with this picture of Danielle loading up the car with our breakfast smoothies and coffees and we went to be awesome and jump out of planes.

But unfortunately, inclimate weather (see pic below) had other ideas, and we had to hang around for a bunch of hours waiting to do nothing but leave essentially.

That's ok though, our jumps are now already paid for and we're just waiting for a day when we're free to go. It will be awesome then!

So you know, aside from going on a world trip, I want to try to get certified for solo skydiving.

It's a time consuming and expensive process... but i mean, c'mon, it's skydiving!

What I need to do is about 12 or so jumps. The next one Danielle and I do is called an awareness jump.

First you should know that when you're going solo, you literally hang off the plane until your instructor tells to let go. It's fuckin' cool.

Anyway, usually you kind of semi-black out because, well, you're jumping out a plane. However in order to qualify for your solo, the first thing you need to do is what's called an awareness jump.

As you let go of the plan and feel the roller coaster feeling, contemplate your death, and pray to whoever that the chute works, you also have to look at your instructor and see what kind of random hand signal he's giving you.

If you can tell him what it is, you go onto the next level, which is where you practise to pull your own chute, the finally pull it, then you progress to higher and higher levels until you're certified to jump anywhere in Canada.

How sweet would that be?

So that's what I'm writting about for lack of better thing. So to end, here's a cute puppy that was at the skydive place named Frankenstein. He was nine weeks old and still trying to hump a rotweiler. That's how Frank the Tank that pooch is.

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