Friday, June 26, 2009

Skydiving is the best waste of money ever...

Oh man. Skydiving is possibly–nay, IS DEFINITELY–the coolest thing ever.

Danielle and I went skydiving again in our quest to become solo certified.

The last jump puts us up to four!

In this radically awesome picture that is a screen shot of the video that EDMONTON SKYDIVE CENTRE let me have for the purpose of this blog, you can see me almost doing the splits as it were.

I'm in my "arch," which makes it so I fly straight. You can see my pilot chute behind me. It will momentarily pull my main chute and I'll float away.

You can see jumpmaster Shawn (I don't know his last name, but he's cool as shit) giving me a peace sign. That's part of my awareness jump. To pass to the next level you have to prove that you're not just blacking out and going nuts jumping out a plane and tell him what sign he was giving you. I passed!

Finally, you can see Westlock airport in the distance.

Also when my chute opened, I had END CELL CLOSURE and LINE TWISTS, making the experience extra freakin heart stopping but I overcame them thanks to the all-day lessons they give you the first time to deal with it and I landed safely, albeit quite hard.

Danielle's jump didn't go so well, she didn't do her arch very well and rolled int he air. As well, the radio guy was late in telling her to "flare" so she hit the ground hard on her ass.

But it's all good! She passed the awareness, despite having her chute deploy when she was almost completely upside down, she kept her eyes on Shawn. (it's hard to see, but he legs are above her as he chute is about to deploy.)

And that's it for that really. Most of this stuff will be in a video I'm trying to make when I have time, though i'll be crazy busy over the next few days.

As a side note to skydiving, congratulations to my buddy Joel Anderson for graduating as valedictorian in his Aeronautics Engineering course, or whatever the heck it's called. Now he can take me skydiving, though I think he could have a while ago. Oh well, how many valedictorians are there ever, anyway.


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