Wednesday, September 9, 2009

adventures in being gas frugal

Recently I was trying to determine how much mileage I could squeeze out of a tank of gas by doing a few things. That included:

-Driving slow like a jack ass
-Driving below the speed limit on highways at what I'm under the impression is a more fuel-efficient speed
-Rolling down hills
-using the breaks as little as possible so as to not burn fuel speeding back up

Anyway, all in all I managed to get 625 kilometers to about 50 litres of gas, costing me about $50.

Using some standard math, that means I was driving at for every litre of gas I was getting 12.5 kilometers on average, or 8L/100km or 29.4 MPG.

I'm under the impression that in some ways that's not even that good. Hmmm...

Well I'll try to get better, if I don't ruin my car.

You see, in my efforts to see how much I could squeeze out of a tank, I actually ran out of gas and may have damaged my fuel injectors... oh well, it's all in the name of science right?

Anyway, the idea to do this came from the concept of HYPERMILING (google it). It's basically the process by which you find ways to get maximum fuel efficiency in your driving.

I just bought another tank of gas, so I'll see if I can do better.


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