Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I haven't updated in a while. My bad.

The reason is that I've been trying to keep very busy saving money, running last minute errands and getting everything ready that Danielle and I possibly can because time is ticking down before we pack up and leave.

We managed to just about finish everything we're going to buy for our trip including backpacks, shoes, clothes, and everything else you need to live out of what you carry on your back. As well, we've been immunized and are just about ready money-wise.

Now we just need to figure out the fine details.

That includes:
- getting travel insurance
- getting our passports and visas lined up
- figuring out semi-detailed itineraries
- finding cool planned stuff to do in the several locations we're thinking about

It's all getting pretty overwhelming but there's no way it won't be awesome as heck.

I keep wanting to update you guys on what we're doing as we get closer to the date but it ends up being harder and harder to make sensible posts that won't be boring. So I'll just cramp it all into this post.


We've sort of come up with where we want to go and what we want to do and which airlines, trains, or other modes of transportation we want to take and their various costs. Or course all these are subject to change and there's nothing's set in stone yet, but here's what it looks like:

Once again that's rough, since we haven't booked anything for sure.

But we've done a few other things that should allow us to be prepared for our journey.

1. We've joined HOSTEL INTERNATIONAL. Hopefully this will allow us to realize some decent savings when it comes to finding places to sleep that are affordable. Also it may give us an ear to the ground for cool things to do in various places.
2. We've decided on a particular bank account. Up until now, we've gone with the free, online bank accounts, but now that we're on a trip we've decided on a particular bank account, that isn't neccessarily free, but will be for us since we intend to keep the minimum monthly balance.
We selected the TD SELECT bank account. Why? because with the minimum balance, you get unlimited international debit transactions, get your credit card fees waived and other little things that are pretty sweet. Mainly, it's the fact that we'll be able to get a TRAVEL Visa, which, upon use, will give us rewards points that we can use later. The fact that it's essentially free makes it worth it.

So what else is there? not much. Just remember that we're almost ready to go since we've got all our equipment. It's just the final things we have to do.

I'm still trying on putting up an website where i'll attempt to get some advertising up so that maybe i can make some money while I'm travelling.

Anyway, my next mini-adventure is going to be NEIL'S WEDDING. So I'll be in Whitby around then.


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