Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moments of Inspiration

Let's face it. Traveling is an awesome thing to do. You get to experience new things, meet new people, and for that brief moment, you're free of the obligations normal life.

But it's precisely for those reasons that it's also scary. It's not easy to leave everything and everyone you know. For Danielle, it's worth. I already left everything to come here, to Alberta. But it's still scary because even here, I'm on Facebook and on the phone and all that.

And to combat those feelings of fear, there's inspiration. Often, as Danielle and I plan and save, I lose sight of the end goal and get a little burned out. But inspiration keeps me going.

It's one of my (loftier) goals our trek to inspire others to do and try awesome things. Break the barriers, be who you want to be. As the Most Interesting Man in the World says: "It's never too early to start beefing up your obituary."

Anyway, many things have inspired us in our journey, the least of which is things like magazines, blogs, movies, books, etc.

So today's episode in inspirtion:


Between the music, the places, the sites, and of course, the dancing, I can't help but just feel awesome and hope for something even remotely as cool as this gentleman. So watch, and get inspired.


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