Monday, July 6, 2009

Tips on saving money...

I don't know if anyone out there cares/is actively trying to save money and that's cool with me really. But if you're interested, ING Direct has a promotional Tax-Free Savings Account interest rate of 3%.
That's not a lot, but it's more than any other bank or savings account is giving for anything else that I know of.
For those that don't know, I'll attempt to give a layman's definition of what a TFSA is.
Basically, it's set up by the government as a way of encouraging more savings from people.
Currently, if you've filed your income tax and are above 18, you can put up to $5000 a year into a TFSA. That number will go up in like 2012 to $5500.
Anyway, the basic premise is that you put money in the TFSA and any interest you earn is tax free. You can take out the money, tax-free anytime.
This is unlinke a RRSP for several reasons. When you put money into an RRSP, it's tax deductible. Meaning you get the income tax back off and you reduce your claimable income by the amount you put into. Further, you can only take the money out when you're... i dont know... 71? you'll have to check youself. Regarldess, the intent that you don't take the money out until you've retired. The government gives you a break because they know it means they'll have to pay for your retired, sick ass less when you need it most.
Anyway, so there's a promotional offer of 3 per cent interest on a TFSA until Oct. 1.
So that fits into my savings plan because I've moved all my current savings (less than $5000) into the TFSA. The current interest rate on my regular ING is 1.35 per cent, which is like the lowest it's been since as long as I've had one (little more than a year).
So essentially, because there's no tax benefit or burden by putting my money there, I'll essentially make more than twice as much interest on the same amount of money. sweet.

For more info on TFSAs, visit this site.
Also, if you want to open an ING account, you can go here. TIP AND SHAMLESS MONEY GRAB: If you use my ORANGE CODE: 20743897S1 when you open an account and put in $100 or more we'll both get $25. that's super sweet AND, not to promote it, but it's sweet. no fees, complete access, you can get a debit card and make your money go straight from your paycheques.

Do I have to tell you why NO FEEs is a good thing?


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