Saturday, August 29, 2009

I fake drank and drive, got in a fake accident, and got really cut out of a vehicle

The other day, I participated in an exercise with one of the local fire departments. It was awesome. I had to pretend I was in an accident, and then the fire fighters had to actually cut me out of the vehicle using jaws of life and all that fun stuff.

I started out with me pretending to be impailed by a stick.Then I waited around for the fire fighters to ask me what's up and help me out, while a girl in the backseat died, and I sat there being impailed.

There was also a guy in the back seat who they had to cut out.

After the got him out by ripping apart the car, they had to get me out.In this picture, the glass is exploding from them prying open the door. It was awesome. I'm also glad I got it caught on camera.

Anyway, after a long time they got me out.
It was sweet. Good for the guys for learning a little more about how to save people, and good for me for getting a few sweet pics.


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