Friday, June 10, 2011

La Ronge Pelicans

La Ronge Pelicans by Andrew de Souza
La Ronge Pelicans, a photo by Andrew de Souza on Flickr.

Let me tell you about this photo.

I had to go up to La Ronge to cover a few things.

For those who don't know, La Ronge is a solid two hours north of PA, which is already north as hell as far as civilization in Canada goes.

Anyway, I had about five hours to kill and I heard people talking about a river that had sucker fish spawning, which is a sure sign of spring. i ventured over there and watched people catching the fish to make sucker head soup.

There were a few pelicans that were up the river and I decided to follow them.

Granted, they didn't appreciate it and flew away so I went into stealth mode.

I essentially hunted them for about two hours, but instead of a gun I had my ol' d200.

Moving with the wing I crept up to them, and they flew away twice, but I persisted. This is one of the results. I actually have a few of them hanging around but I though them in flight with the sun at their backs made for the best image.

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