Friday, June 10, 2011


Man, I loved that show. Also it's what I'll be doing here. I closed down my other site because it wasn't free. Now that I own a house and am doing work, I'm cheap(er).

Also I want to start putting up more photos because I'm branching off into other photo vetures such as weddings and advertising. At least, that's the hope any way.

Luckily, I take photos almost everyday and I'm always trying to live the "Awesome Life" so I'll post what makes sense.

Anyway, here's a recent pic I'm proud of.

(1/125, f 6.3, ISO 800, Auto WB, darkened, sharpened.)

The cemetery has a program where they get school kids to raise ducklings then release them into the cemetery's pond. It sounds a little morbid but I imagine it would be nice to maybe feed a few ducks and relax by the pond.

This happened shortly after the ducks were all released. A bunch of the wee ones got on their bellies. I has to run around the pond, which probably has a 200 meter diameter before getting thin angle. At some points I was seriously contemplating getting in the pond but it didn't come to it.

Any way there ya go! I'll try updating around the site in the next few days.


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