Saturday, June 18, 2011


Teamwork by Andrew de Souza
Teamwork, a photo by Andrew de Souza on Flickr.

First off, here's the plan. As often as I can, I'm going to post photos of my work and direct people here so they can check out the variety of shooting I do.

But that's just so you know where I'm coming from.

The REAL ultimate goal is just to share my love of photography.

Photojournalism has a special place in my heart and I'll stick with it no matter what happens.

It's different from other types of photography because it's all about taking what's available and turning that into a compelling image.

Portraits, you can reshoot. Landscapes, you can wait all day. But with photojournalism, you're often in a rush, on a deadline or shooting something that has only a few minutes of tension.

Take this photo for example. It was a run of the mill house fire. I missed the flames was desperate to shoot something.

The FD is good with us in that if we don't get in the way, they'll let us do our thing.

In this case, that was all good, but the available light was almost zero and I was relatively far away.

I was pacing back and forth hoping for a moment of optical clarity and compositional serendipity when I noticed the best angle of the front of the house was actually right through the fire truck, which the FD had left open.

Not only that but there was a flood light right beside the door. I waited for a few seconds and a guy comes out for an air refill. I snapped 3 frames and chose this one. About 2 seconds later, they moved and closed the door.

It was the shot I needed and I went back to the office.

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