Thursday, July 9, 2009

Danielle and Drew's Awesome Adventure Episode 1

Here it is folks, after forever of tinkering and figuring it out, here's episode 1! Keep in mind that I am not a videographer. I did take some TV journalism in school so I know what I'm doing but I'm very unpolished and PROMISE that future episodes will be not only awesome, but of the highest (at least high-ER) quality.

For the record: I don't want to put it on youtube because of the music in it... hopefully it stays up here even though both blogger and youtube are owned by the same company...



Mark said...

If you ever do want to put your videos on YouTube, this is how you get around the copyright issues with music:

Nick said...

SICK VIDEO!! you crazy fucks jumping out of planes and shit! CRAZY!!! by the way good tunes