Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'll hide out under there...

First of all, sorry about that redirect business, I was trying to set up a website.

Moving on.

I will first say today is the 40th Anniversary of...
That's right Lloyd, we landed on the moon.

And by we, I mean Americans. Good for them.

And by the 40th anniversary, I should clarify that today is the anniversary of the LAUNCH. the landing is in a few days.

On that, this is coolest website. It's a "live" real-time travel to the moon. It basically is a second for second recreation of the entire mission that you can watch in real time like you were there! insane, but it'll be a few days before they get to the moon and I missed the launch so it's a little boring at the time of writing this.

But! it is the coolest thing ever to hear them like its happening right now. Check it out!

Anyway, I wanted to write about my trip planning, so here it goes.

I went to Edmonton and bought some stuff for my trip, which included the most expensive pair of underwear I've ever bought.

They are ICEBREAKER BEAST underwear. The websites a little over the top... but I bought them because on my world trip I'm going to need solid, breathable comfortable underwear and this is the current experiment. I figure if they suck, they'll still be darn good underwear, and if they're awesome, well, they're coming with me to far off places.

Anyway, they were $35. Not TOO much, but for pete's sake it's underwear!

I did the same for socks, bought $20 Smartwool socks, for the same reasons as above. Let me just say, I'm rockin in both right now, and I have never been more comfortable in all the right places.

I also found an adventure shirt that was on sale. It's apparently made of soy and it's quick drying, anti-odour, easy clean and it wicks away moisture. It was $20.

Anyway, all this stuff is expensive, but if it works and it lasts, I'm more than happy to INVEST in good stuff than suffer on the road for having saved a few bucks.

But, that being said, I'll give them a few days.

As it stands, that means I've got almost everything I need for my trip except: adventure pants, a little computer, and a few odds and ends and I'll be done!

Some of the websites I've been using are PRACTICAL TRAVEL GEAR review, BACKING AROUND THE WORLD, and CHEAPEST PLACES ON EARTH, all SOLID websites.

I'll end with a rumination.

The reason why I'm deciding to travel is multi-layered.

I'll start by saying I have nothing against this part of the world, or this time in humanity or anything of that nature, nor am I running away from any particular problem.

I mean, as it stands, I've got a great job, an awesome girlfriend, a steady money plan, loving family and kick-ass friends (though they're far the heck away).

But what it's about is wanting to do more than all that. It's not that those things aren't enough, it's just that there's so much more.

It's not unlike when I decided to move to Alberta. It wasn't that I wanted to leave things behind, it was that deep down, I knew I wasn't leaving forever. It's not like I was dying or everyone else was, it was just that I was going on a mission and I'd be back to report on it. Everyone's lives would go on and it be a life-experience.

So that's one reason: it's something new, awesome and interesting to do. People probably thought along the same lines of going to the moon.

Secondly, I can afford it. It's not like I'm raking in the dough here, it's just that since being here, I've had to pay for just about everything myself, and thus have developed a saving mentality. Thankfully I've got no home, family (well family would be alright to have :p) or debts, so I'm free to do it. I might never be in this position again, so I have to take it.

Further, I simply want to see awesome things, talk to new people, enjoy beautiful scenery, eat exotic food, swim in oceans, jump off mountains, climb hills, whatever!

Basically, I ruminate with the hopes that somebody catches the bug and decides they want to go to.

So go! and tell me about it.

I'll show you some of gear later this week.


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