Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I get bored and gear up

Here's what I plan on travelling the world wearing for all wondering
how I'll do it.

In the pic you can see my backpack on my back, my day pack strapped to
the front and my camera bag around my waist and on my shoulder.

Altogether it was about 20 lbs. That may seem like a lot but I'm lame
and walk around my house wearing it after work getting used to it.

As well when you're travelling you should carry at most 35% of your
weight and I've put on some pounds since most of you last saw me.

Anyway, it's surprisingy comfortable.

Once Danielle and I have everthig we need for a trip well do a total
inventory for you guys.

Also watch for our Jasper trips and our video coming soon. Peace!

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