Thursday, July 23, 2009

On setting goals

I spoke with a friend today who was down on his luck and I tried my
best give some advice. I can only hope any of my advice was worth
anything, but what do I know.

It did get thinking though that life is about goals. You need to have
something worth stryving for or you're just trying to survive.

Survival maybe noble but, it's only the first goal that any reasonable
person, and indeed every other living thing on the earth - if not in
the entire universe -tries to accomplish.

It's those things beyond simple survival that makes humanity something
to admire and appreciate.

As you're probably aware my current goal is go travel some parts of
the world to experience more of life and the planet. As well I'm
looking forward to the food!

But here are a few goals I'm also interested in over the long run on
my life, subject to availability, finances and lifespan.

1. I want to be a certified skydiver. Danielle and I went yesterday
and passes our first paper pull. Doing so is the first step in pulling
your own chute.

The idea is that once you jump out of the plane you reach behind you
and pull a piece of paper out of the slot where you chute would be.
The idea is that you do that enough times and prove you have the
mental fortitude to not die by not pulling you chute.

Anyway, we have to keep doing it until our teachers are satisfies that
were competant enough to pull our own then I guess we get to do that.
Then there's a bunch of other stuff we have to do such as accurately
landing, free falling, etc., before were certified anywhere in Canada.

2. I want to be a certified private pilot. I won't pretend I've got
half the skill of my buddy Joel when it comes to flying planes but I
definitely think I could fly a little one.

This goal is more for the joy of flying then anything else and if I
can afford the classes ( which inidently aren't that expensive ) I
will do it. Buying a plane is a whole othe story.

3. I want get a masters degree in something, hopefully journalism.
First I need a regular degree, which I'm working on now through
Athabasca University, albeit very slowly. It will take me about 4
years to earn it one credit at a time, but it's doable and affordable
that way.

I shouldn't have to tell you the benefits of education.

4. I want to see most, if not all of the world. Basically, once
Danielle and I come home from our trip, we're just going to be saving
up for the next one. Hopefully each time we come home well have better
jobs and can therefore save up more money, be gone for longer and
therefore see more of the world.

5. I want to own a business. I don't know what kind by I want to.

6. I want to have a million dollars. This is not at all because I'm
greedy or want to buy anything. I just think I can be frugal enough
and save enough money over a long enough time to have $1,000,000.

7. A big family would be cool. It's probably contradictory to the
previous goal, but I figure if I'd have as many kids as I could afford
without impoverishing the family and ruining their chances for an

In reality, no matter what I accomplish, none of these things matter
if my genes and the human race don't continue.

These are just some goals I sometimes think about. What are some goals
you have?

Of course, these are all liquid. My goals and ideas change on a daily
basis. The importan thing is that you focus on goals and try to
acheive them.

How to climb a mountain? One step at a time.


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