Saturday, July 11, 2009

Planning the trip...

Danielle and I are sometimes crazy. We've been buying most of the stuff we need because it's so intoxicating to have them. It's often counterproductive to the efforts of saving money all the time, but on the other hand, it gets those things out of the way.

Anyway, since we've now almost bought everything we need (and here's hoping I have enough to pay for my credit card bill), we've started actually planning the trip. It's a crazy and long process, and I've been working on it just about all day.

And, in my spare time I made this handy-dandy map:

You can click on it to look at it better.

Basically, it outlines some of the different routes we've been looking at. The pink route is the one we've more or less decided on and the other colours are the other alternative routes we've looked at.

Of course, nothing is final. You'll notice the question mark, which represents our inability to plan where and for what reason we want to go around there.

Regardless, our goal is to hit Goa, Thailand, and New Zealand, and anywhere we hit along the way is ok with is and indeed, is what we want to do.

So there you have it.

In order to plan our trip we have to of course find how much all this shit costs. I've been using Google Docs to plan it, which is essentially Excel, but free and on the internet. I'll try to link to it but i don't know how yet.

Anyway, all those plans essentially cost $10,000 for flights and accomodations. Thankfullmy some of those places have family, which we will visit/sleep on their furniture to save money and increase adventure potential.

Planning is essentially the most important part of our trip. There is, in reality, too much to see in a lifetime and we could endlessly plan and plan and eventually have such a large and expensive itinerary, that it would not be feasible. Already I'm having doubts that I will save enough money in time, but I'm trying.

Anyway, there's so many ways to plan. Danielle and I are just in the stage of finding where we want to go and for roughly how long. This current plan has us gone until April!

Once we've figured that out, we'll get into the nitty-gritty of where we'll stay, for how long and what we'll try to look at. So in the meantime, stay tuned.

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