Monday, August 24, 2009

finally, a photo

ever since I've started trying to take artistic photos, I've really begun to notice the optical limitations of the lenses I'm using. Well... the 18-200 mm 3.5-5.6 is the lens I most often use. It goes without saying that 18-200 is ridiculously versitile. But the trade off is sheer optical quality. It's worth it for photojournalism, where I have to capture the moment, but not necessarily when I'm looking for quality.

What do I mean? click on the above photo and look at the drops towards the bottom. The lens has the property where things on the edges loose sharpness. Oh well, it looks cool to me.

Here's the same image with my other wide angle lens. It's not really the best use of the lense but still kind of cool.

It's my windshield because I got these cool Reflex windshield wipers that had some chemical in them making the water bead all cool like.

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Danielle said...

where are MY rain pics??