Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wide angle awesomeness, testing the products,

Danielle and i bought a wide angle lens – at heart-stopping expense when it comes to trip savings. but it'll pay for itself because lenses potentially last for forever... right?

here's a few shots from it. (the first one's an HDR photo)
To make REALLY good photos you with a wideangle, you have to try to distort perspective, not squeeze everything in. That's why the last one looks cool. That's just a regular lens, but Danielle was so close that it made it look huge!

Anyway, I'll walk around town experimenting with the lens and hopefully it'll prove itself worth it or i'll try to sell it!

And here's another random photo I took in Edmonton. The sun was setting and casting a deep red light on this already red random chimney.
That's it for photos for now


I sort of ran out of things to write about so I've decided the most logical thing is to test and review my adventure clothes.

I've decided on a few factors based on what I know/learned to expect from travel. They have to be comfortable. They have to be cool (temperature) in the long run. They have to be hand washable. They have to be worn for extended periods of time without becoming smelly and gross, and a few other things.

So to test them, I'm going to wear them for extended periods of time (gross, eh?), try to hand wash them, and wear them continuously to test the above and then give a report. That way, you guys can laugh at me wearing the same underwear for a few days in a row, and I get to see if they'll be good come clutch time, when I can't just change them.

Haha. The be honest. I'm not going to wear the same underwear over and over. I'm going to wear it, attempt to clean it using what I've got in my pack and wear it again. That way I'll know if it's a good idea to do so or if I should change to different brands.

I'll set up a basic test against which everything will be graded, 1-10, ten being the best.

1. How comfortable are they after all day
2. How well do they clean by hand
3. How fast do they dry
4. How comfortable are they after two days
5. Do they ever smell (this one is for underwear and socks)

With this, and some other basic factors, like weight, colour and whatnot I'll post and let you know.

Currently, I'll triple team a bunch of stuff, since I'm already wearing them.

Those are my ICEBREAKER BEAST JET relaxed boxers with fly, my SMARTWOOL MULTISPORT light cushion grey socks, and my EXOFFICIO soy fibre/cotton blend blue shirt.

let's see how they stack up and god, hopefully they don't stink!

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Danielle said...

Wow, I'm so excited for you're experiment....are you sure you don't want to get a hotel room for a few day babe?? lol