Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the results so far

Well I wore everything for a day, and then tried to wash them. I used a random, clothes-pin-not-required clothesline that I bought from Canadian Tire and some easy to use laundry soap I bought from Camper's Village. It comes in little leaves that you dissolve in the water.

Anyway, here are the results from my attemps.

brand: Icebreaker Beast relaxed boxers with 3-button fly
colour: black (Jet)
weight: almost nothing
material: 100% Merino Wool (sheep in New Zealand)
price: $32.99 on sale at Camper's Village
marketed as: natural, sexy, wicking, odour/moisture resistant, climate contorlled

Day 1 notes:
-Initially very comfortable. More supportive and hugging on the legs than regular boxers. Soft against skin. Feel "cool" as if air is flowing through them. Waistband not noticable. I "feel" that I'm wearing them because they're tighter than my usual underwear.
cleaning attempt:
-They seemed to clean very well, though I've never cleaned things by hand before. They were dry by the morning.
Day 1 tests:
comfort: 10
cleaning: 10
drying: 10

brand: Smartwool Adrenaline Multi-Sport light cushion
color: white with designs
weight: heavier than regular socks
material: 72 % wool, 26 % nylon, 2 % Elastic
marketed as: sporty, odour resistant, wetness wicking
price: $21.99

Day 1 notes:
-intially very comfy. Cusion is quite noticable compared to regular socks. Feels like my feet are slightly sweaty, not to the touch, but to my feet themselves.

cleaning attempt: These aparently got the dirtiest in that they, well, made the water dirty after washing them. But they seemed to wash well. However, they weren't dry after more than... 8.5 hours of hanging. So that's pretty weak. That being said they were hanging in my bathroom. Maybe they just need to be blowing in the wind. I tried putting them on for a bit to see if that would help them to dry but to no avail. I gave up and wore regular socks today.

Day 1 tests:
comfort: 10
cleaning: 8
drying: 0 (this time anyway)

brand: Exofficio Eco
colour: blue
weight: regular shirt
material: 40 % soy fibre, 60 % cotton
marketed as: wicking, odour resistant, natural, eco-friendly
price: $19.99 on sale

Day 1 notes:
- feels like a regular shirt. It's a medium, and it fits my body as such but it's longer than regular medium shirts. Seems to stay dry when the suns beating down on me.

-effort to clean because it's a shirt, but cleaned well. Hard to hang up to dry because it's much bigger than underwear. It fell during the night so in the morning it was still a wet heap on the floor. Tried putting it on for the morning routine to see if that would help it dry but it didn't, just made me cold. I put on a nother shirt.

Day 1 Tests:
Comfort: 6.7
cleaning: 6
drying: 2

In conslusion, the underwear was the best. The socks and shirt were wet after a whole night of drying. That could be a deal breaker for them. The underwear lives on (me) for another day.

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