Thursday, August 20, 2009

wow... my bad

I suck at keeping promises. Oh well bite me! It's really that I'm not creative enough or have the time to take photos... Don't worry. I'll try to post them as I can.

In other news, the clocks ticking towards the deadline for my trip. It's just about 2.5 months away before I should have all my money and everything prepared.

Today a I sent my passport application to my sister to find people to fill out the holes where they need to be filled out.

Earlier this week I got vaccinations for Typhoid Fever, Hep A, and Polio. I also got a test for TB. I thought I had it because the test site bruised, but no, it's supposed to rise, no I'm TB free!

And aside from that, I've got to really hunker down and essentially not buy anything other then neccessities in order to meet my goal. I'm a little scared, but I'm also proud of myself that I've managed to save more than $6000! (that includes my $2000 come-back fund).

Besides, if I don't make that money by then, I'll make it in probably another 2 weeks, so it's alllll good. The point is that I

- got out of debt to start saving
- got real with my spending habits
- cut all unneccessary costs
- developed savings habits
- saved a bunch of money

Even if I, i don't know... lost a leg or get some sort of debilitating disease, I'd still be satisfied that I accomplished that.

Anyway, I'll update you with what's happeneing with that, and also try to produce a video soon, since I've not go some material.


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